Luminex Webinars

xMAP® Connect Webinar: Measuring Complex Immune Responses to Infection in Mice

James Lederer, PhD
Associate Professor of Surgery
Harvard Medical School

In this 30-minute webinar, you’ll learn about:
- Why single-mediator assays are obsolete and how multiplexing is aligned with current scientific climate for systems immunology research, such as inflammatory responses and T-cell mediated immune regulation
- xMAP cytokine assay development tips
- Examples of multi-dimensional approaches (flow cytometry + CyTOF mass cytometry + xMAP cytokine profiling) for immuno-phenotyping studies in mouse models and humans

Dr. Lederer is an xMAP® expert having developed approximately 200 multiplex immunoassays to study the effects of trauma on the immune system and development immuno-therapy treatments.