Luminex Webinars

xMAP® Connect Webinar: Multiplexed Gene Expression Profiling with L1000

John Davis
Profiling Production Lead on the Connectivity Map team
Broad Institute

In this 20 minute webinar, you'll learn about:
- The CMap, a functional lookup table for biology, which catalogs 2.2 million profiles representing 28,000 pertubagens and 80 cell lines
- L1000 gene expression assay that uses 384-well plate format and ligation-mediated amplification with the FLEXMAP 3D® for detection of 1000 genes
- Automation solutions for sample loading and detection, which enables up to 264 384-well plates to be run per week resulting in 33,000 profiles per week

The CMap team uses xMAP® Technology to acquire dataset results, to measure expression of 978 "landmark" genes.