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CAP Today Webinar: Fecal Matters: Molecular GI Testing-An approach based on Clinical Guidelines

CAP Today Webinar, "Fecal Matters: Molecular GI Testing-An approach based on Clinical Guidelines"

During this webinar we review the updated guidelines for the diagnosis of infectious diarrhea, how they relate to multiplexed molecular GI testing, and what influence they may have on testing decisions. The speakers also provide examples of how labs have justified the use of molecular GI testing by taking a closer look at the potential clinical, economic, and operational benefits.


Daniel D. Rhoads, MD
Associate Director of Microbiology
University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center

Jose (Alex) Alexander, MD., D(ABMM), SM, MB(ASCP)
Medical & Public Health Microbiologist
Microbiology Manager II
Florida Hospital

This webinar features the following topics:
- Understanding the application of new guidelines
- Assessing the impact of molecular GI testing
- Sharing tips for implementation and justification
- Q & A with our distinguished presenters