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xMAP® Connect Webinar: Immunogenicity Profiling of Nanocarriers

Mahmoud Elsabahy is working to establish a new immunotoxicity index for multiplex data analysis and interpretation. He uses xMAP® Technology to trace the biomarker response to nanomedicines and nanocarriers. Dr. Elsabahy is the Assistant Director of the Laboratory for Synthetic-Biologic Interactions at Texas A&M University and is an Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutics at Assiut University in Egypt.

His research interests include:
- the rational design of nanomedicine for various biomedical applications, and
- identifying new approaches to profile biomarkers of immunogenicity and immunotoxicity.

In this 30-minute webinar, you'll learn about a new model currently in development for multiplex data processing and analysis that Dr. Elsabahy uses to support his work of converting traditional therapies into targeted nanomedicines. Topics include:
- Monitoring cytokines to partially predict the in vivo pharmacokinetics of nanoparticles,
- development of an immunotoxicity index, a single descriptive numerical value (like IC50, LD50, or AUC), that will assist researchers to optimally understand, use and present multiplex data, and
- demonstrating the usefulness of the immunotoxicity index for evaluating the impact of surface charge, crosslinking and degradability of nanoparticles.